Hello Jimmy Hollister's friends and fans ...  I was working on this website as a Christmas  surprise gift for my dear friend and long time partner on Radio and TV.  Sadly ... Jimmy exited the Stage December 14th 2004. But, I am still workimg on the website in memory of my dear friend and so all of you will be able to share some of his comic genius.


I'll keep adding audio and video clips ... so the sun won't set on Jimmy's wonderful sense of humor.


 Below  is a link to Blog Posting from a FAN who was able to express feelings I couldn't deal with for some time: A Fan Remembers Jimmy

Thank You John Klein

Characters From The Hollister and Ives "Sometimes Comedy Hour"  
from KEX 1190. Here we are as guests on Channel Two Portland AM.


Jimmy as "Young Doctor Dumb" learning to be adequate and rich at the Big City Doctor Place. Radio Version - Listen


Hollister as "Retsilloh The Near Great" (Hollister Spelled backwards) "Do you know how to make a pigeon disappear?"

Here's a clip Watch

"Look, I get out in 94 ... will you wait for me?"
     Streaming Movie Watch 

Hollister and Ives Sit Down Comedy Team RADIO BITS
All adlib except for those indicated as scripted.

"A jouster in the studio audience" KEX

"An emissary for CUBA Tourism" KEX 
Jimmy breaks me up with George Raft line. 

"Topogigo Meets Mickey Mouse" KEX
Show-down between two famous mice

"Hollister and Ives Estate Planners" (scripted)  KEX
Apologies to OPB. Sounded like a good scheme to us

"Hollister and Ives on the Wright Bros" KEX 
Invention of the Crow Hopper

"Hollister and Ives" Was Ed Ames ever Tonto? KEX
Mable and Hollister talk about singer Ed Ames

"Breakfast with the Barclays" (scripted) KEX
A take off on Bob & Ray's take off of "One Man's Family" Radio Soap



1987 Sinister Cinema Reunion on KATU Channel 2 

Hollister takes the Big Chair

Ives - Jimmy, how about calling the Columbia Gorge Hotel and find out how much a couple of rooms will cost us. OK?

Hollister - Uh, Victor ... they want to know if we want rooms with a shower or with a bath.

Ives - Hmmm. What's the difference?

Hollister - Well, with a shower you stand up and with a bath you sit down.

Ka Thunk ... Rim Shot!

Hollister had dramatic training at the famous Pasadena Play House in Southern California. He CLAIMED he went on a football scholarship.


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